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Self Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

Margate Storage offers self storage units for retail storage, records & archiving storage, construction equipment storage and, office storage.

Our storage facilities cater for the following:

  • Storage of promotional material
  • Overstocked supplies
  • Document archives or records
  • All types of machinery, tools, office equipment and furniture
  • Any items you want stored

Margate Storage provides small, medium and large companies with affordable, and very accessible Business and Records Storage.  As with all of our storage, we offer a variety of storage unit sizes and pricing opportunities for our business customers. Come in for a free, no obligation, consultation with one of our experienced storage specialists.

Unit Sizes


1.7m X 3.35m

5.7 m² (sizes are approximate)

Large walk-in closet size. 1 couch, dining table and chairs, mattress, office furniture, small filing cabinets, boxes, exercise equipment.


5m X 3m

15 m² (sizes are approximate)

Size of a large bedroom. Holds contents of an average 2-3 bedroom house. Can also hold large equipment, industrial equipment, small car or surplus office equipment and samples.


6 m X 2.7m

16.2 m² (sizes are approximate)

Size of a single car garage. Holds contents of a 3 bedroom, car, quads, motorcycles, jet-ski, boat or other large storage items such as equipment, office equipment or sporting goods and numerous boxes and files.

We have various storage unit sizes to fit your needs. In the above unit size guide, we give you an idea of what you can fit into the different units we have available.

This is only intended to give you an idea of what you can fit into each of our storage unit sizes. Every person’s storage needs are unique. If you need assistance in choosing the right storage unit for your requirements, call our team of storage specialists.

​Note: With these storage units, sizes are approximate.

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